Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hold On For One More Day

So on my way home from work today my Ipod gave me a little treat. It doesn't often do this mind you. In fact, for the most part when I say "shuffle" it says "let me play the same fucking 50 songs, eventhough you have about 1500, in random order". Before I know it I'm sitting in traffic wondering when is the world going to change. Up next comes Damien Rice singing about The blower's daughter and how shitty she's treating him, followed by Shakira circa 1999 in Spanish. Inevitably when I do arrive home either one of two songs closes the night, The Strokes Reptilia, or Jamie Cullum's cover of Radiohead's High and Dry. It truly never fails.

So color me shocked this afternoon when I was cruising down the freeway and I heard sheer genious...

Oh today was different alright. Yes, today, my Ipod said to me..."I know this pain"... Wait, wha? You do?... "Why do you lock yourself up in these chains?" I don't know. I mean life is hard, making a living is difficult..."No one can change your life except for you"...That's actually true, it really is, even my therapist says so..."Don't ever let anyone step all over you"...I won't I promise, or at least I'll make sure that said person is way hotter than I am..."Just open your heart and your mind"...But how Wilson Phillips, how? "Is it really fair to feel this way inside"...No it's not fair! It's definitely less than 100% fair, potentially 3/4th fairness 1/4th unfairness.

"Someday somebody's gonna make you want to turn around and say goodbye"...uh that's already happened and it sucked and gave me liver problems.
"Until then baby are you gonna let them hold you down and make your cry"...Tears? Please, tears are for hallmark cards and Bat Mitzvahs
"Don't you know"...know what?
"Don't you know"...what!!???
"Things will change, things will go you way"...Wait a minute, are you jerking my chain, Chynna?
"If you hold on for one more day"...Just one?
"If you hold on for one more day"...Is it two now, er...did I do the math wrong?
"Things will go your way"...Really, I'll like lose like 34 pounds!?
"Hold on for one more day"....

By the time I got out of my car if I knew anything I knew this: Wilson Phillips knows my pain, or at least Carnie Wilson does. Damn you three. Why did you have to quit on us.

You should have held on.

Held On.

Wilson Phllips "Hold On"

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Paige said...

I have been singing that song all day because of you...and I am not upset about it!