Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Happy Office Thursday!

After last weeks emotional sendoff to the hour format, I'm glad to have my show back at 30 minutes. Not that I minded the hour of Office time, in fact last week's episode ranks in my top 5 Office episodes ever. But it will be nice to have a tighter story again; one that doesn't run itself into a lake. Now, after last week's voting, it looks like the two shows I'll be recapping regularly are The Office and Pushing Daisies so look for a full review and recap later this week. Here's the promo to get us pumping:

9/8c TV14

THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF ADVERTISING - When the Scranton branch is asked to participate in a Dunder Mifflin ad, Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell) seizes his chance to exhibit his creativity. Meanwhile, Dwight (Rainn Wilson) explores the online world of Second Life. John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, B.J Novak, Ed Helms, Leslie David Baker, Brian Baumgartner, Kate Flannery, Mindy Kaling, Angela Kinsey, Paul Lieberstein, Oscar Nunez, Phyllis Smith, Creed Bratton and Craig Robinson also star.

Three Preview Clips for Local Ad: 1, 2, 3

On another note... to al my friends going to The Office Convention in Scranton, Pennsylvania: Have Fun! Be Safe! Shake Greg Daniel's hand! and finally, Hands off Krasinski (if he shows). Keep me posted ;)

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Pumpkins at Their Finest

On Monday night I was invited to a pumpkin carving party at a friend's house. While the idea of sticking my hands into nasty pumpkin sludge didn't sound too appealing, I went along anyway, using carpel tunnel as an excuse to feign immobility thus getting me out of physically carving into a pumpkin. And if anyone is wondering, yes, I do suffer from carpel tunnel, or something that to me feels like carpel tunnel. It's an old wound from the law school days inflicted by my Compaq Armada laptop circa 1995 with the little nub for a mouse. People probably don't even know what I'm talking about. That's how old the "nub" is.

Anyway, at said pumpkin carving party, everyone drew from their own inspiration. Some winged it, others stenciled, and one clever friend busted out the Black & Decker drill to make a twinkle light pumpkin inspired by the pages of Martha Stewart. We had a great time drinking wine, eating butterfingers, etc. etc, but as the night ended a thought entered my mind and hasn't left since. What is the most awesome pumpkin I've ever seen? I mean, does a Jim Halpert or Pam Beesly pumpkin even exist? Is there one dedicated to the band New Order? Perhaps not. But it's worth a search. So for the next week before we hit Halloween, er Kimberly's birthday, I want my peeps to email or comment here with the funniest pumpkins they've seen. Artistry is great, but imagination is better. Bonus to anyone who can find me an Office pumpkin. I've yet to find that masterpiece. So to get us started I've got a couple that made me laugh after the jump. And Sara, the party was lovely.

There were several puking pumpkins but this one came with its own toilet. (credit to

Image Hosted by
At first I thought it was boobs. I was mistaken.

Image Hosted by
I'll be honest it was the hair pick that got the laugh out of me

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Pretty darn original, don't you think?

Image Hosted by
I can see this one right outside my parents house already

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Not if you paid me a million billion dollars

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Radiohead's Rainbows

I finally got around to downloading the new Radiohead album "In Rainbows" for $0.00 dollars. Frankly I felt bad at first but now after my first listen I feel REALLY bad. The album is quite incredible. Actually, "incredible" is putting it mildly. It's astounding and classic Radiohead, if that term can even be applied to them. I don't know, but there is something about this particular band and its music that puts me in a sort of zen-like trance. Kind of like the feeling I get while watching that scene of all the sisters frolicking in the grass in The Virgin Suicides. Such lackadaisical melancholy. I love it. My early favorites are Reckoner and Jigsaw Falling Into Place. Click on the image for the link to buy the album at whatever price you want. Now don't be stingy, you'll regret it.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Things that I Love: Fashion Edition

Here's a couple of items that I can't live without. So much so that I sew patches on them. this instance, I definitely need some stinkin' patches.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us1. sweatpants: A staple. How else am I to survive a James Coney Island hotdog, a Goode Company Taqueria brunch, and a Doritos/candycorn combination without it? Seriously.

Anthropologie Kelti Lounge Pants (shown) $48.00
Lucky Brand Big Sweatpant $54.00

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us2. Joe's Jeans: Best fit jeans hands-down. And I can say this with conviction because I've bought every other name brand out there, just check my closet. Honest. There is just something about the denim itself that is so awesome. Try it out, you won't regret it. Ask my mother. She has two pairs...and was willing to pay full price for them. Now that's something.

Favorite Styles:
Muse (shown) $158.00
Socialite $171.00

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us3. Nude Patent Pumps: They go with everything. It's the new black. I promise. And if you are averse to patent, which I'm sure some are because they feel they can only be worn at night in winter..which no, but whatevs, then go for a simple nude leather. I bought my NPP's about a year ago and if you'll notice they are all the rage now in Hollywood, especially the Christian Louboutins. Now I'm not suggesting that I start trends. I mean, that would be ludicrous to presume...*cough*email-me-for-a-consultation*cough*.

Kate Spade Giselle Pump (shown) $275.00
Christian Louboutin Very Prive 942 Pump $770.00

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us4. C&C Tank Tops: I have at least 25 of them in assorted colors and prints. Yeah I know you can get colored tank tops at Target and Old Navy for like 20 cents, and hell I have purchased about 10 white ones alone from Old Navy, but I LOVE C&C tanks. Their colors are fantastic and they are the quintessential layering piece. (exhibit A on the left). Did I mention the softness? Oh the softness, I'd wrap babies in them. For sure. They recently expanded their line to include cotton dresses. I have one in Navy which I bought last summer. I'm going to be buried in it.

Favorite Styles
Classic Tunic Tank $46.00
Classic Bold Tank $48.00

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us5. Cotton Dresses: They are the easiest to pack and the easiest to spice up. Just slap a nice black cotton dress with the aforementioned nude pumps and a long delicate chain necklace or a chunky one, or a locket, get the picture.. and you're off. Of course you can nix the necklace and go for some larger earrings, preferably in a bold color, like red. Or, and I might have to try this soon, skip the earrings and necklace and focus on a woven belt with perhaps an exaggerated bracelet...hmmm that would depend on the cut of the dress, so ipskay eltbay. The good thing about cotton dresses as well is that if you're anti-social like me and would rather see a documentary on America's fascination with credit cards and debt on a Friday night than meet people, then slap on some flip flops and you've got a spectacular outfit to pick up your sandwich at the local Jason's Deli. Win-Win!

Velvet Calm, Cool, and Collected Dress (shown) $178.00
Banana Republic Jersey Tunic Dress $98.00
Splendid Raglan Dress $140.00

I hope you loved this installment of Fashion Edition. This will by no means be my last post on the subject but I believe I shall end it here for today. I'm sure right about now you're getting your credit cards ready to run to the mall and collect these items, yes? I thought so.

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Hello ITouch

Yes I know it's actually called Ipod Touch but I like to call things whatever I want. It's like the chauffeur we had when my mother, grandmother, and I travelled to Istanbul a couple of years back. His name was something I didn't like. So I did what any other egotistical American would do. I changed his name. Hence forth he was known as "Carlitos". He wore that name like a badge of honor until the day we left. It was awesome. And when we left he mourned us like the Sicilian woman mourn their sons. Too much? Yeah I thought so. So I couldn't pronounce his name. Who can really? I mean Turkish is like Arabic. Un-understandable.

Anyway, enough with the frivolity. The point is I bought the ITouch and life can't be any sweeter. I love this little device with the brute force of a man and little baby. And thanks to my dawesome friend, Jas, I am currently watching an episode of Arrested Development as I type this puppy. To quote Rihanna:

" You can stand under my umberella..ella, ella, ella, eh eh eh"

You mean that much to me.

*Avoid the jump

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

G.O.B. on 30 Rock. C'MON!

Will Arnett makes his second guest appearance on 30 Rock tonight. Don't miss it. Last time he was on I literally spit out my drink. He was that funny. Here's a video of his sheer genius on last year's episode. He plays the NBC Vice President of West Coast News with a tiny secret:

So whad'ya say. Petition to get him series regular status? I think so.

Ignore the jump.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2007


You know those days when all you want to do is not go to work, curl in bed, listen to whiny depressing music, and possibly eat a delish sandwich at noon? Do only chicks want to do this? Anyway, today was that kind of day for me. MY shoulder hurt, my hair was frizzing, my jeans were fitting snug after the wash, a slight coffee stain hit the bottom of my t-shirt, and I had a zit, or what looked like a zit at first, but actually appeared to be a random mosquito bite on my face Yeah, like I said...that kind of day. So there really was only one thing to do. Bust out the "Cab". Death Cab that is. In honor of this lousy day I'm linking a random sample of some of my favorite melancholic songs. Enjoy, or don't. Either way it won't matter. Not today at least.

*Coldplay "Gravity"

Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova "Once"

Death Cab for Cutie "Transatlanticism"

Brett Dennen " There is So Much More"

Cat Powers "I Found a Reason"

*Thanks Jen for figuring out how to find Gravity for me. FYI the song is a B-Side on the "Talk" LP. Chris Martin has since given the song to the band Embrace. Their version not so good

So what songs do you like to listen to during your melancholia? Comment Below.

Oh and Ignore the jump.

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Friday, October 5, 2007

Rev up for Friday Night Lights

Summer hiatus is officially over now that the last of my favorites starts its second season today. I've already seen the premiere thanks to and it's AMAZING. I always forget how great this show is until I see the next episode and it blows the previous episode out of the water. It's a shame more people aren't tuning it because they're missing out on one of the most heartfelt, realistic shows on television. So do a girl a favor, set your Tivoes or Fauxos, to record the show tonight. I dare you not to fall in love with it. Besides, it's not like you're recording anything else. I mean, cause it's Friday. And we ain't got no job...we ain't got sh*% to do...(tee hee hee!)

Disregard the (more after the jump). There is nothing more to say.

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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Please Tell Me You Watched Pushing Daisies Last Night...Pretty Please

Hands down, one of the BEST, if not the BEST pilot for a television series I've ever seen. No yoke folks. And before you ask, yes, I put the Veronica Mars pilot in the running for this category. It's Amelie meets Nanny McPhee with a little Tim Burton sprinkled on top. Now, if that didn't sell you, how about this: Lee Pace, the lead, went to Klein High School. Yes my dears, he is a Houstonian, or Texan, whichever way you want to look at it. Bonus: he's incredibly hot. Specifics after the jump

Now I'm not going to ruin the plot for the episode but I will shed a little light as to the premise of the show. Ned, our Houstonian friend Lee Pace, a pie maker, is a man with an extraordinary gift...He can bring people back from the dead with a simple touch. There is a catch, however. He can't touch them ever again. If he does then *thud* they're back to waiting at the pearly gates. And if that isn't complicated enough, there is one more catch. An important one. Once he brings a person, object, or animal back to life he has one minute, count them, one minute to re-touch them, effectively restoring the nature of things, or...someone else within the vicinity takes the fall. Literally. Kaput. Sayonara. See you later with out sweet baby Jesus. Yeah. Heavy. Intrigued Yet?

Slightly? Ok. How about this. He starts a side business with a fellow detective solving murders by touching the victims, asking said person who killed them in the minute of rebirth, then touching them again. The business is two fold. Ned and his buddy collect reward money and the family finds out who murdered their loved one. Win-Win! Sounds like CSI, right? Yeah. It's awesome that way. Convinced?

Missing the romance aspect? Is that it? Never fear because this show will produce one of the BEST romantic pairings since PB&J, er... Jim and Pam for those who haven't watched the premiere yet. I'm looking at you, Paige. Whoa...whoa... I didn't say they were better than Jim and Pam. That would be overreaching and untolerated. In fact I am slightly offended that the thought even entered your mind. Shame on you. JAM FOR EVAH! Ok, but yeah, this couple is pretty darn adorable. You see, Chuck, the girl, (it's a cute name so shut-it) was Ned's first kiss as children. And he's thought of her often since that kiss, but life evolved, people moved, etc etc. Their lives cross again, however, when he realizes...she's dead. Yep. She died, murdered actually. And guess who is going to solve the case? Why our pie maker, bring people back to lifer, Ned. So he goes back to the town they both grew up in and resuscitates her for that one precious moment, only to realize he can't live in a world where she doesn't exist anymore. Heart full. Birds singing. All that. So he decides to keep her alive at the expense of someone else who drops dead after the sole minute has passed. I won't tell you who, though. So now, the love of his life is alive and here to stay. But...they can never touch again. Talk about star-crossed. Sold?

Almost? Fine. There are synchronized swimmers, people with eye patches, and a lovable lab in the series.

And we have a winner! I thought so. It was the eye patch that got you. I knew it. Stop wasting time. Go watch it. I'm serious. It re-airs Friday on ABC. Don't fail me now.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I do...Want This Cake Real Bad

Now I've been to weddings before and I've seen my share of creative grooms cakes. From the Death Star to the UT Tower to a medicine bag. Hell I've even seen a construction site made out of chocolate. But all this is fiddlesticks compared to this cake. Yes, if I ever get married (don't hold your breath mom) I want this cake. Exactly like that. And if you have to ask why, well then, you don't really know me at all do you.

Dawesome cake after the jump.

Thanks Kimberly for the tip!

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