Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Holy Hell! The Chosen One in Texas!

Word on the street is that Brad, Angelina, and the kiddies, including their in utero child, aka, " The Second Coming" are in Austin Texas for a film shoot. Brad is replacing Heath Ledger in a Terrence Malick film co-starring Sean Penn called Tree of Life. You know what this means, right? Road Trip! Kidding. I wouldn't stoop that low. Ok I would but only if I were guaranteed to spot them which I'm not. It's fine, though. I don't know a celebrity who hasn't fallen in love with the city anyway. $20 bucks say they decide to purchase a home in the rolling hills. It'll be their rainy day villa. Just imagining them sitting at Hula Hut gives me chills.
I need to relocate.

Hook 'Em Shiloh. Hook 'Em.

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rita said...

I'm in Austin this weekend, I'll tell them you say hi.