Sunday, November 2, 2008

New Obsessions

Where have I been? Yada Yada Yada, border town, no donkey shows, wish you were here. Moving on. I've got two new band obsessions. One, is a sprinkle of Police with a dash of fuck if I know. The other? I'm too embarrassed to reveal yet. Give me time or until the end of this post.

First up: Mute Math. Delicious. I heart them. Frankly, I can't believe they skipped my radar. They're like that band where you think to yourself, where have you been my whole life? Answer: in New Orleans in high school probably head banging to Nirvana like the rest of us. The only other time I felt that way was three or four years ago and her name was Imogen. Mmmmm whatcha say...but you only meant well...well of course you did hmmmm whatcha say...oooh and it's justa what we nee.. BAM! BAM BAM! Marissa shoots Trey. End Scene. So yeah, they're awesome. So awesome that I burned a damn CD and shipped it. A CD dude. That's love. If one were to ask me to describe their sound I could only say this. If you got the Police to hang out with like Death Cab and some other band that's like Death Cab but not then you would have Mute Math. Download this: You are Mine and Noticed.

Second: Ok, I'm not ready yet. It's just too wrong. Fine. I'll say it. Paramore. *winces*. I feel like I should be wearing skinny black jeans, vans, a Night Before Christmas hoodie, and a beanie that hides my razor cut pitch black hair. They're in essence this generations Ev-a-nescene. Amy Lee with a bolder hair color but alas I like them. Something about a really good female vocalist just gets me. The band is signed to the Chop Shop label so in my mind that minimizes the self-loathe. Alexandra doesn't put shit on her label. Yes, The Fray can go die now and Snow Patrol will forever be that band in Greys but at one point they were fresh sounds and thats what Alexandra delivers. And again, yes I know I just said upthread they're this gen's Evanescene so how can I mention freshness yet simultaneously compare them to a popular band from the early 00's. Because I do what I want. I keel people... Dowload this: Decode, I Caught Myself, That's What You Get.

Now why these random two bands all of a sudden? Because they're featured on the Twilight Soundtrack. Stop rolling your eyes Jas. It's kinda embarrassing, ok extremely embarrassing that I've had to experience them through a tween phenom but when good music comes around you don't argue where you first heard it, you appreciate the discovery and go on with your life. But...going back to the soundtrack, it's awesome. MuteMath, Paramore, Blue Foundation, The Black Ghosts. Ever heard of any of them? I hadn't. Well, yes I knew of Paramore but the rest, nope. And they're heaven. If you don't want anyone to catch you sampling the Twilight Soundtrack go to their myspace pages and listen.

Also..Keane, "Spiriling" is insane. I'll upload some songs later, but for now sample their myspace pages.


rita said...

I do not know who you are talking to, but you better send me a CD too. And really...Twilight? I really don't get it. The book was about 600 pages too long. If people want to read the book, I recommend they save themselves some time and start reading from the second to last chapter.

Now where is my CD?

Monique said...

just for that you don't get one.

Anonymous said...

twilight soundtrack= my new obsession.