Tuesday, June 29, 2010

HP Deathly Hallows Trailer. Tinkle Tinkle Little Stars

The boy who lived...come to die. I just..can't..process. Just the music alone. Explicit chills. I admit I shed a tiny tear at the scene where Ron and Hermione are running backwards with their wands on the offensive in what looks like the shambles formerly known as Hogsworth. God I remember reading those intense pages near the end and just begging with my mind that JK spare Ron and Hermione from death and yet having no faith at all that she would. I miss that feeling from a book, don't you? The last time any reading whatsoever has affected me that much was when I looked at my first Water and Power bill for the months of Feb.-Apr. And yet even then the goosebumps weren't as severe. To stave off the agony of waiting until November I'm going to make it my mission to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando. They've got butterbeer, a wand that chooses YOU, AND, AND, AND three new rides. One of which Steph Meyer can't get on. Point to Rowling. Man I want to nerd out when I'm there. I'm talking costumes, Gryffindor shit, and any ginger I know so I can feel as if Ron is with me. In the meantime I'm posting the trailer below to revel in its glory. Enjoy!

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Ximena said...

ps. about the wand store.

they take a group of 30 people into the store. and only one person gets to hold the wand that picks them.