Monday, April 28, 2008

My Monday Gripe

I know I know. I haven't been updating as much as I normally do. Yeah, shame on me and all that good stuff. Moving on...

I feel like griping this morning. Not about anything having to do with my life, mind you, that's all good, or as good as my therapist tells me it is on a weekly basis. No, today I feel like griping about random things that I've observed over the weekend in Hollywoodland. It's all ridiculous and certainly not worth your time but humor me for a sec.

1. Why is Miley Cyrus seriously apologizing for a photo spreed in Vanity Fair shot by Anny Leibowitz? Um, hey little girl I know in backwards Arkansas or Alabama or where ever you're from the local Walmart has a photo special, 5 12x17s for the price of 15 5x7s!. And yeah I get that they even let you pick your favorite gauzy background that matches your eyes for free but this is Vanity Fair. You put out and shut up. If they want you on a donkey singing show tunes while naked like Lady Godiva you do it and you ask for a copy to frame for your parent's wall. I'm sure it'll be the only thing besides generic Z Gallery artwork anyway. You don't however, waste Annie's time and then insult her by suggesting you were manipulated into a shot that's clearly benign to begin with. Well, more benign than those assinine photos of yourself you keep putting out on myspace with your crusty boyfriend and lime green bra. So do yourself a favor. Stick to J-14. You're not wanted around the cultured.

2. Who greenlit Made of Honor? I'm serious here. Who thought it would be a good idea to essentially take My Best Friend's Wedding, switch genders, add a little hair gel to it and send it to the cinemas? Who is Patrick Dempsey's agent? Because let's get real here. Grey's is on a death spiral, Freedom Writers was the suckitude, and this poor excuse for a romantic comedy is his next Loverboy. And before you can say, what about Enchanted, that movie belonged to Amy Adams. Put James Marsden in PD's role and it would have worked just fine. McDreamy needs an intervention. Stat.

More later

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rita said...


By the way, I thought that Hannah Montana was apologizing about the slut pictures on her my space--not Vanity Fair. She just oozes slutville. Lets take bets on how long before she hits rehab.