Monday, April 14, 2008

Project Run-away?

I bet you guys love my post titles don't you? C'mon, admit it, I'm clever. Whatever. On the heels of learning through, my homepage, that Lifetime will now be the home of Project Runway, (another cupela bilz in the bank, no Weinstein?), I have now learned that Elle Magazine has fired Nina Garcia. Or as Heidi would say, she's been auffed. Yeah, crazy, right? So now what will the new prize be? $100,000 dollars to start your own clothing line and a fashion spread in Essence? Well, at least that's better than having no Nefarious Nina on the show though. I can't imagine not hearing Heidi yell, Neeeeena Garcia! every week. That would be tragic. But knowing that she's contract bound to the Weinsteins we know that isn't even an option. There is, however, still the question of...what did Nina do to get the boot?



Paige said...

Thank goodness. Comcast has the hardest time finding Bravo on our main TV, so the Lifetime move is a fabulous one for me.

I too will miss Heidi saying Nina's name.

Ximena said...

Nina's Fierce.
I'll miss all of her viscious remarks though.. oh well.
Auf Wiedersehen.. Your Out!