Thursday, June 26, 2008

Successor to my Mormon Wonderboy

Those who know me know I am not ashamed of my interests. Let's see there's the obsession with fictional couples, i.e Jim and Pam, there's the obsession with young adult novels, i.e Twilight, there's the obsession with cheesy music, i.e. You are the Music in Me, and of course there's the one acceptable obsession in my life, my baby Fitz. However there is one interest, just one, that most of my friends were unaware of. His name was Benji and he was a season 2 contestant on So You Think You Can Dance. Benji was a west coast swing dancer who stole my heart with his amazing cha-cha and pop jazz. I sense the laughter guys but hey, you know what, he was good. Great even. And he won, so there. The point is though, that my fanaticism and devotion to him was so strong at the time that I literally spent my whole night at a bar ignoring my friends dialing 1800 Tempo 06 to vote for him. I thought after him I was done. Alas I was wrong. Season 4 of So You Think You Can Dance has my fingers itching again but for who? I can't decide. Two couples have caught my eye and one boy in particular, Joshua, an 18 year old hip hop popper with braces has me excited. Excited enough to start dialing at bars? We shall see. For now I want you guys to marvel at my two favorite routines so far staring my two favorite couples: Which one do you like?

Katee & Joshua: hip hop routine to No Air by Jordan Sparks

Chelsea & Mark: hip hop routine to Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis

Difficult decision ahead, no?


rita said...

You are right--your friends did not know about your "So you think you can dance obsession." My life was better without knowing--you have gone too far with this one--I have lost the little respect I had for you-but mosty I am disappointed. I had such high hopes for you--such potential--why? Why must you suck so much?

Monique said...

suck it