Monday, July 28, 2008

Two degrees from Brangelina

From the desk of Jonathan Patrick

Greetings, my fellow Totallygeektosheekers.  I have a story that I thought I owuld share with you:

Yesterday, I pulled up to a red light by the Beverly Center and noticed an older man with a windbreaker waiting to cross the street.  I look closer at the windbreaker and notice a patch on his shoulder in the shape of the great state of Texas.  It looks as if it represents some high school.  I think to myself, "Self, this guy must be a high school football coach from Texas".  He definitely has that high school football look (whatever that means).  I peer over to see if I can recognize which high school this dude is from.  I can't tell, but I do hear the car next to me giggling.  I look over and it's full of girls giggling and one has her camera out.... I look back at "coach" as he's walking in front of me and it's Jon Voight.  And he's wearing his windbreaker from Varsity Blues.  It says Coyotes across his back.
Go Coyotes.

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