Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Brainiacs to Good Google Use

The Google geeks are genius. Ever replied to "all" then wanted to kick yourself in the balls because you only intended to reply to one? Raise your hand if you mocked someone completely intentionally on email but not so much intended for them to know that. Raise your hand if you've sent a drunk "feelings" email then went to throw up because a.) mixing your alcohols is always a bad idea and b.) you realize sharing feelings is not what we as humans should do. I've done all of the above so many times I'm amazed people still converse with me. The Google Geeks wanted to change the humiliation so they've created the 5 second "O FUCK" rule. Yep. 5 seconds to take it back and retract a sent email. Tell me if this is not one of the best ideas ever. How it works is simple. When you hit the send button Google will automatically replace that button with "sending...undo" for 5 seconds at which point you click it and save your life. In order to activate this button, however, you need to go to your Google labs tab under settings in the upper right hand of your Gmail display. If you are confused ask me in the comments and I'll guide you.

This is going to change our live peeps.


Anonymous said...

I wish there was a 5 second O'Fuck, rule when actually speaking to someone face to face, they'd be like you've got 5 seconds to take back that stupid shit you just said, and I'll pretend you never said it. oh well this will do for now.

Katie said...

The have made a "Breathalyzer" of sorts for gmail now too... sounds right up your ally. When sending an email after a certain hour you must first answer a few math questions. Look into it you lush ;)