Thursday, March 26, 2009

Random Ramblings

1. This is kind of disturbing? Is it? I don't know I waiver. On the one hand, it could be perceived as her taking control of her life. On the other, it's a gun...on your rib cage. A tiny gun I grant you but still a weapon. What happened to tramp stamps in the shape of butterflies or some ancient Tahiti symbol for "breathe"? I am sincerely befuddled. Actually I'm sincerely concerned that she flew her tattoo artist to wherever she was. Couldn't she have waited, oh I dunno, until she was in his vicinity? I take it she did not send an email question to Obama's cyberchat. There were rumors awhile back that she was broke. Must have been just rumors. Domestic Disturbia 09 is getting outta hand guys. Outta hand.

2. Apparently the gymnist Shawn Johnson needs protection because a fan with TWO guns and DUCT TAPE showed up to the set Dancing with the Stars coming for her. Shawn Johnson needs protection. Shawn Johnson. No, not Mary Lou Retton. Shawn Johnson. I don't get America; I really don't. Yes. Shawn Johnson. Fine, I'll include a picture of her here.

3. The time has come. Where the Wild Things Are trailer: here. Misty eyed. You know what else is in the works? Amelia Bedelia. Yes siree. Playtone, owned by Tom Hanks, bought the rights and is adapting it for the big screen. They also, coincidentally, adapted The Polar Express and Where the Wild Things Are. Nice move Tom. Praying upon everyone's childhood is indeed smart. Now if you can also get cracking at a couple of other favs including some short films for Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shell Silverstein, and a treatment for Sideway Stories from Wayside School by Louis Sachar I will promise to watch any movie or show your son is in. Thanks!

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Katie said...

This is my Fave book. Ern and I have watched every possible trailer and add to be found online. You can come camp out and see it with us in October