Wednesday, June 24, 2009

120ish Minutes of 500 Days of Summer

A week ago (as I procrastinate I have to add a night FYI, taking bets that the final tally will be about "three months ago") I attended a special screening of the film, 500 Days of Summer at the Angelika. My love for this film began the day I first laid eyes on the trailer. Within the first seconds of footage I heard the familiar beats of Regina Spektor's "US" and just knew. Call me shallow or whatever but for me trailer music can really make or break my desire to see a film. For instance, if a movie utilizes say, Band of Horses, i.e. Penelope, I will instantly want to see it, no matter if the story is about a girl with a pig nose played by the forehead of Cristina Ricci. Nights of Rohdarte? That shit used LifeHouse or something in that particular genre and I avoided the film like the plague. Could it be because Richard Gere and Keanu Reeves acting are interchangeable for me? Possibly..."I was very ANGRY with my father.." Could it be because it's Nicolas Sparks? Uh huh.

This is not to say that ONLY songs playing in the background of the trailer dictates what I want to see but pretty much. Unless its a Harry Potter film, a Twilight film, an Apatow film, or life beat me down, I usually pass.

Bottom line: I was euphoric to see this film. And tickle my balls the movie did not disappoint. Hallelujah! Praise the Jesus! I'd be lying if that didn't come as shock. I had fully intended it to suck. Hyped movies are very rarely something I actually enjoy. I'm looking at YOU Sunshine Cleaning, what with your depressing plot/tone heavily disguised in the trailer with the sensationally incandescent Amy Adams smile. Little did I know that ONE smile in the trailer was all I was going to get. ONE smile and a whole lot of suicidal shitshows with a sprinkle of lesbianism. Moving On after the jump.

I won't ruin the plot for you but I will reiterate what is said in the opening credits: This is not a love story. Tis true. It is not. But that does not mean one is left feeling saddened. No, this movie is hope. Hope in a cup (for you, X). You see, for anyone who's ever been in a situation where you desperately want something or someone so much it makes you do retarded things like talk to them or invite them out and/or eat something and yet, that desperation leads you nowhere because duck duck goose you're not it...this movie will resonate. Not only resonate but make it make sense in the grandiose scheme of it all. There is one line said by the very beautiful Zooey Deschenel, i.e. Summer, i.e. I am lesbian for you, near the end that just literally hits the spot and makes you go, "got it." Very cryptic, eh? I know. I said I wasn't going to spoil it. It's a happy ending though...if you look at life with a glass half full approach. I usually don't but I also had the good fortune of sharing some popcorn and sour patch kids so it kind of muddled my normally caustic, thank you office manager, mentality.

So watch it guys. Joseph Gordon Levitt and Zooey Deschanel are pitch-perfect. Shining stars. And the music is ridic. So So So good. The Smiths, Regina Spektor, Patrick Swayze, amazing. Jennifer was kind enough to forward an article detailing the music in the film and why the specific songs in the film were chosen. It's worth a read.(Thanks Jen!)

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"That's not change."
"No, I put hope in your cup. Hope."