Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Today marks the day of my bestie's departure to London for two years. Two whole years in the land of feesh n' cheeps, Her-may-onee Greenjah, and Protestantism. Man I'm going to miss her. She was the first friend I ever made in the trecherous terrain known as the public school system. I still debate with her as to whether she thought I was one of the "special" kids when I introduced myself to her on the second day of school per my mother's brilliant idea. "Hi, my name is Monique. What is your name?" cue Jennifer's mind: God Damn it I have no time for this shit. Eat the paste kids go through the front doors and report to the teacher with the colored macaroni craft necklace and banana clip down the hall. Of course that's always what I suspected she thought. What she actually did and said, though, is the essence of who my friend is. With a kind and genuine smile she introduced herself, and her friends and the rest is history. It's been what, 18 years now? Holy schnikes is right.

I'm actually really excited for her, well, as much as I can be for the complete loner I will become now that she, one of two single friends I have in this city, has left. Or, is leaving..today at 3pm...central standard time. Anxiety? Who has anxiety? Not me? I sound disturbed and a bit lesbianish about my friend don't I? I'm not to the second count, suspect on the first. But whatever this isn't about me this is about Jennifer. She's going to get to watch Skins season 4 on its first run. She will also be in the presence of sexy accents, Gwyneth Paltrow, the Glastonbury music festival, the tube, the cue, the loo, the mind the gaps, the cabs, those cute phone booths,the Queen, the Queen's son, the Queen's grandson, the Queen's grandson who may or not be blood related, New Order, The Cure, Abbey Road, Shakespeare, Harrods, Paddington Bear, Marc Darcy, Radiohead, the London Tower, Big Ben, Cadburry chocolates, and Burberry. Yeah, I think she will be fine.

Me? Sure

Safe travels friend! I'll see you on skype.

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