Thursday, August 20, 2009

Music Music Everywhere

Even though Jen is in London she still has time to pass on great tunes. She knew about my new found obsession with Bon Iver and so... Well, I wouldn't call it "new". I've known about him for years but my taste in music is cyclical and when Bon showed up on my radar I had just passed the cut-off mark for my soft folk infused period. I can't remember why I didn't automatically go ape-shit for it, I think at the time I had just moved on to synth rock, aka E.S.T. and Shiny Toy Guns. But whatever. I'm back in the mood for singer songwriter acoustic guitar/sytar type music and Jen delivered. If there's a twist to the band it's even better. Like Grizzly Bear and their Pet Sounds-esque lullaby. Anyway, it's taken a billion words to just get to the point which is Bon Iver (pronounced Bone E-Ver) is amazing and he's joined forces with Volcano Choir. Well technically Volcano Fire is a compilation of many great artists that sometimes get together to release great fucking songs. This round it's Bon Iver + Collections of Colonies of Bees. If your confused think Postal Service which is three friends, one of which is Ben Gibbard from Death Cab for Cutie, or Stars which is two kids who are also part of Broken Social Scene...and talking in circles again. So Volcano Fire's album, UnMap, which will be released Sept. 22nd, includes a song I haven't been able to stop listening too. The song is called "Island, IS". I will put a link below for your downloading pleasure. It's so good. On repeat good. I think I already said that but it was worth repeating. I'm definitely buying that album. More Music after the jump

Speaking of Bon, that guy has been a busy little bee as of late. Apparently he's also contributing a song to the New Moon soundtrack. What's New Moon? I know you know and please spare me the humiliation of having to explain. I was stunned he lent a song. Even more stunned that he didn't just license an old recycled song but actually wrote a new tune for the film. Literally he sat down, thought about the themes of the book that he probably had to read or go to a Twilight website to peruse, and wrote words to music. Really? Wow. Can you imagine Bon Iver at a desk with a hazy image of Robert Pattinson sparkling in the sunlight behind his eye lids humming to himself "sadness...danger...desolation...magic". If I wasn't so pathetically in love with this series I'd die laughing at the thought. Ok, no. I'm laughing but it's still a great coup that Bon wanted in on the project. But I wasn't done stunning though. Seconds later I learned someone else also contributed a song to the soundtrack. A new song as well. Thom Yorke. Yeah. Thom Yorke. Contributing a song to a film adaptation of a book with gems such as..."When I told you that I didn’t want you, it was the very blackest kind of blasphemy Unbelievable right? I still can't wrap my head around that. Well, Thom I sort of can. He licensed "15 Step" to play at the end credits of Twilight so he was familiar with the project. Curiously though he lent the song for use in the film but not for the soundtrack. Probably thought no one would see it. He probably also thought Coldplay, his cheap substitute, would be a one album wonder too. Side note question: Isn't he notorious for not lending music out for films? I thought I heard that somewhere. Anywho, other bands supposedly in the running for the album include Band of Skulls (which I've heard and they're good), Death Cab, The Used, and...wait for it...wait for it...Kings Of Leon. I.just.don'"Before you, Bella, my life was like a moonless night...And then you shot across my sky like a meteor. Suddenly everything was on fire; there was brilliance, there was beauty" Seriously? Kings of Leon? Really? Whatever. I'd be happy.

Anyway enough about Twilight. Let's move onto Where the Wild Things are shall we. I just read an article that discusses Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's involvement with the film. She's the driving force behind the soundtrack. Sidenote: If you haven't heard and or own The Yeah Yeah Yeah's latest, "It's Blitz" you're missing out. It's incredible. Different from their normal fare but still amazing. (I sound like Katie Holmes talking about her maybe gaybe husband don't I). The article reports the score was a collaboration between Karen O and Carter Burwell.( yes, Carter Burwell of Twilight fame. He wrote the infamous "Bella's lullaby". Alexandre Desplait (Curious Case of Benjamin Button) is writing the New Moon score...My hatred of myself for knowing this shit is more than the brunt of your laughter so shove it.) Karen and her musical team on the album which includes members of The Bird and The Bee, The Dead Weather, and many more call themselves, "Karen O's kids"... Catchy no?...leave an outstanding imprint on the soundtrack. Can't wait! I've added a vid where you can hear part of the score and some of the songs for your ear below.

Well that's it for now kids. I'm not proofing this so deal with both grammatical and other errors. Peace.

Download: Volcano Fire: Island, IS (LOVE IT)

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