Thursday, November 15, 2007

Did We Disregard the Indians Again?

Poor, Poor, Indians. First we introduced them to smallpox and bullet holes in the back, then we took their land, following that we made long hair the symbol of slackery (sorry B), then we decide to pay them little if any money for their work, *prompting them to succumb to diabetes from the lack of healthy alternatives in fast food, and now, well, now we've decided to pass over their holiday decorations entirely. That's right, cornucopias and construction paper turkeys made out of one's own hands are so yesterday. What's in it's place? Well follow the jump and I'll tell you.

* Diabetes is the fastest growing illness amongst Native Americans

Today my friends I made a memo to self: Put up Christmas decorations three months in advance and start listening to Sunny 99.1 because the all Christmas all the time music begins any day now. Oh and stop by my local Starbucks because the Peppermint Mocha and red snowflake styrofoam cups are out. Asterisk to memo: WTH? Honestly, can someone please inform me as to why every darn street corner already has its Christmas lights up and not mosaics of Indians and Pilgrims having a laugh over pelts and turkey? You know it just makes me feel lazy and Un-Christian to realize that Jesus' birthday celebration apparently starts after Halloween now. Not to mention the fact that it gives this false anxiety that I have to hurry up and get my gifts (which are going to be sparse this year X-Woman so don't even dare to dream of what to expect.)

Seriously though, I have to ask? Did the government mail a questionnaire asking the general public if they wouldn't mind skipping Turkey day jubilee or what?

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X-Woman said...

Aw Man!!
It is okay. I never buy presents. :)