Monday, November 19, 2007

Rashida Jones, We Could Be Friends

I've always wanted to hate her. Not only is she so freaking gorgeous, but she can sing beautifully, has Quincy Jones as a father, is crazy smart having attend Harvard, AND has dated and is possibly re-dating John Krasinski. Oh and she played Pam's nemesis Karen Filipelli on The Office. That alone should have been enough mind you. But alas, she's just too cool to hate. So cool in fact that she brought this video to my attention and I will now forever be indebted to her. In a recent article by New York Magazine, the writer asked a couple of famous celebrities what they watch on youtube. Rashida said this:

"'Welcome to My Home,' by Brenda Dickson. You have to go home and watch it right now. She was on The Young and the Restless in the seventies and eighties. She produced a video by herself, introducing you into her life and sort of showing you how to dress like her and eat like her and work out like her. It is so well produced, without irony. It is pitch-perfect eighties. She is literally facing a wall in between a mirror and a painting, just facing a wall in a gold gown, and she turns around, 'Well, hello! I'm Brenda Dickson. Lots of people ask me how I look as good as I do after eleven and a half years on The Young and the Restless.' It's insane! It's so entertaining."

Of course I thought to myself, how entertaining can this possibly be. Answer: VERRrry I just about died watching it because the irony of it all was that had I seen that video at the time, (I was 7) I probably would've given my left eye to be her. Check it out for yourself.

I give you: Welcome to My House by former soap star, Brenda Dickson. Oh and Rashida, call me!


Anonymous said...! i think that is the funniest thing i've ever seen. i have tears streaming down my face. i need to go buy some orange lipstick and rouge so i can be beautiful like her.


ximena said...

Why, Hello there.

Ostritch feathers anyone?

Monique said...

Nice Ximena...