Tuesday, November 20, 2007


One day I'll make it guys. I swear. And when I do, I'll weep like a baby taking its first breath. Yes, my friends, today IS the most awesome day to be an Oprah audience member because today she unveils her "favorite things". In the past those have included Ipods, flat panel television monitors, Burberry coats, digital camcorders, washer/dryers, cameras, trips to spas, cashmere sweaters and my favorite...specially imported cheesecake. Yum. I got an early spoiler of what this year's pilgrims get and let's just say...Holy Sweet Mother of the Almighty. Yeah, that good. I'm not going to ruin the surprise for anyone so just tune in and seethe with jealousy. Here's hoping these fine folks realize and can afford the taxes on this years ditties.

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