Friday, August 29, 2008

The Genius of Facebook

So say I haven't seen you in ten years. And say neither you nor I ever really talked when we did see each other those ten long years ago. And lets say in those ten years of muteness I also forget your name but remember you wore those rocky mountain jeans that should only be worn by no one. So why should I now give a donkey's brain as to what you're up to or feel compelled to ask you to be my friend? Well, because I saw that small thumbnail size picture of you with a newborn on facebook and I thought to myself, wait...she just had a baby? And this my friends is the genius of facebook. It brings people together who had nothing in common before and most assuredly have nothing in common now except for the standard, whoa...what the ef happened to that dude mentality. The sheer novelty of the discovery is way too hard to resist.

So yeah I joined. I have no idea what applications do, or why I'm addicted to sending makeshift buttons called flairs with stupid catchphrases and young nubile actors on them just so I can add more flairs to my box, but it's an exciting time. I mean, just recently I reconnected with someone who I didn't even know existed in high school but I now know they're married, with two kids, living in the subs, still rocking the Adidas soccer sandals and they in turn know I'm still single, nerdy, and as unphotogenic as always. How awesome is that!

So here's to you genius facebook, you've made me realize that those I meant to forget really are forgettable or pregnant and those I've always admired still have something to talk about.


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