Monday, October 15, 2007

Hello ITouch

Yes I know it's actually called Ipod Touch but I like to call things whatever I want. It's like the chauffeur we had when my mother, grandmother, and I travelled to Istanbul a couple of years back. His name was something I didn't like. So I did what any other egotistical American would do. I changed his name. Hence forth he was known as "Carlitos". He wore that name like a badge of honor until the day we left. It was awesome. And when we left he mourned us like the Sicilian woman mourn their sons. Too much? Yeah I thought so. So I couldn't pronounce his name. Who can really? I mean Turkish is like Arabic. Un-understandable.

Anyway, enough with the frivolity. The point is I bought the ITouch and life can't be any sweeter. I love this little device with the brute force of a man and little baby. And thanks to my dawesome friend, Jas, I am currently watching an episode of Arrested Development as I type this puppy. To quote Rihanna:

" You can stand under my umberella..ella, ella, ella, eh eh eh"

You mean that much to me.

*Avoid the jump

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