Thursday, October 4, 2007

Please Tell Me You Watched Pushing Daisies Last Night...Pretty Please

Hands down, one of the BEST, if not the BEST pilot for a television series I've ever seen. No yoke folks. And before you ask, yes, I put the Veronica Mars pilot in the running for this category. It's Amelie meets Nanny McPhee with a little Tim Burton sprinkled on top. Now, if that didn't sell you, how about this: Lee Pace, the lead, went to Klein High School. Yes my dears, he is a Houstonian, or Texan, whichever way you want to look at it. Bonus: he's incredibly hot. Specifics after the jump

Now I'm not going to ruin the plot for the episode but I will shed a little light as to the premise of the show. Ned, our Houstonian friend Lee Pace, a pie maker, is a man with an extraordinary gift...He can bring people back from the dead with a simple touch. There is a catch, however. He can't touch them ever again. If he does then *thud* they're back to waiting at the pearly gates. And if that isn't complicated enough, there is one more catch. An important one. Once he brings a person, object, or animal back to life he has one minute, count them, one minute to re-touch them, effectively restoring the nature of things, or...someone else within the vicinity takes the fall. Literally. Kaput. Sayonara. See you later with out sweet baby Jesus. Yeah. Heavy. Intrigued Yet?

Slightly? Ok. How about this. He starts a side business with a fellow detective solving murders by touching the victims, asking said person who killed them in the minute of rebirth, then touching them again. The business is two fold. Ned and his buddy collect reward money and the family finds out who murdered their loved one. Win-Win! Sounds like CSI, right? Yeah. It's awesome that way. Convinced?

Missing the romance aspect? Is that it? Never fear because this show will produce one of the BEST romantic pairings since PB&J, er... Jim and Pam for those who haven't watched the premiere yet. I'm looking at you, Paige. Whoa...whoa... I didn't say they were better than Jim and Pam. That would be overreaching and untolerated. In fact I am slightly offended that the thought even entered your mind. Shame on you. JAM FOR EVAH! Ok, but yeah, this couple is pretty darn adorable. You see, Chuck, the girl, (it's a cute name so shut-it) was Ned's first kiss as children. And he's thought of her often since that kiss, but life evolved, people moved, etc etc. Their lives cross again, however, when he realizes...she's dead. Yep. She died, murdered actually. And guess who is going to solve the case? Why our pie maker, bring people back to lifer, Ned. So he goes back to the town they both grew up in and resuscitates her for that one precious moment, only to realize he can't live in a world where she doesn't exist anymore. Heart full. Birds singing. All that. So he decides to keep her alive at the expense of someone else who drops dead after the sole minute has passed. I won't tell you who, though. So now, the love of his life is alive and here to stay. But...they can never touch again. Talk about star-crossed. Sold?

Almost? Fine. There are synchronized swimmers, people with eye patches, and a lovable lab in the series.

And we have a winner! I thought so. It was the eye patch that got you. I knew it. Stop wasting time. Go watch it. I'm serious. It re-airs Friday on ABC. Don't fail me now.

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Me said...

yeah.... the name of his shop... the pie hole. Yeah, funniest part of the whole show. But I am with you M, freaking amazing show